Silicone Lid For Kitchen Utensils

Our silicone material is like a silicone pacifier! Why do we use this high quality silicone? Because it is safe for people to use it in our microwave, refrigerator and health. Expect your family to enjoy high quality silicone products.

- Are you tired of the bad food in your fridge?

- Can your food spread out over the microwave when you cook?

- Are you tired of wasting money buying aluminum foil and plastic bags?

Product Detail:

5 different colors with different sizes

  • 10cm / 4" yellow
  • 15cm / 6" green 
  • 20cm / 8" blue 
  • 26cm / 10" purple 
  • 30cm12" red

Ultra-high temperature processing: can be used at temperatures from -40 ° F to 450 ° F


  • Can be used in dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, or freezers.
  • Silicone covers are used for cooking, food preservation and splash protection gloves.
  • Safe for you: Cook food without worrying about molten plastic much.
  • Environmental safety: need to throw plastic bags.
  • Easy to use: Put it in a container, push down, and you're done.
  • Multi-size silicone cover for each kitchen.